5 Tips How Win Grand League in Dream11 – Earn Big Money

Grand League winning Tips For Dream11 | Fantasy Tips

Grand league means Grand success

Winning a Grand League is mostly depends on 50% of your cricketing knowledge, 25% of skills, 24% of your team combinations and last but most important 1% luck 🙂

But there are some factors to be considered & we have top 5 factors for you.

  1. High Risk, High Reward !!
  2. Head to Head Records.
  3. Team Combinations.
  4. Joining time of Leagues.
  5. Shade lights on Least Selected Player.
High Risk, High Reward:- Drop your favorite player from your squads at least from two teams. Even if he performed well in the last match. Everyone has a bad day. So the trick is to drop the star player from the last the match or keep that player in your team but does not make him captain. Make another player captain who has not performed in the past matches but there are high chances of him to perform in that match. The main reason is behind to drop star player is most of the people will go with the flow and select the same captain. But if that player fails to perform on that game then there is a high chance of winning a grand league or getting a rank in top 100. Also, select other players according to the pitch conditions.

Head to Head Records:  Always check head to head stats and see how they performed against each other. E.g. Bangladesh perform well against Pakistan than the other opponents. So the great chance of winning grand league of this kind of match by picking more players from Bangladesh team & less from Pakistan team. Because everyone will take more players from the Pakistan team as they are the stronger side. So you have to think differently and make a unique side.

Team Combinations: Make sure you always play with maximum teams. Make different C/V.C for every team. Don’t repeat the same captains in every team. Also, keep in mind which format you are playing. 

E.g.: If you are playing T20 match then making any bowler or All-rounder captain is not a bad idea. Because bowler gets 10 Points for every wicket & 20 points if you make him captain. On the other hand to gain 10 points batsman needs to score at least 20 runs. There is an always a chance that batsman got out early in batsman dominant T20 match.

If you are making bowler captain it is a good idea to make death over specialist bowlers like Bumrah, Mustafizur, and Hasan Ali. Because in death overs batsman always tries to score quick runs and giving away their wickets in a bunch. 

But in another scenario instead of making captain to bowlers like Bumrah, Hasan Ali makes the first change bowler your captain. Because sometimes batsmen don’t take risks against the best bowlers and they go hard to the weaker bowler and give away their wickets. 

Joining time of Leagues: All the cricketing experts join the team just before deadline after analyzing all the news so avoid that time and add teams with early fresh contests. It will be better for you to stay away from them.

Shade lights on Unknown PlayerDebutant player or any benched player who can be featured in the match. The reason is not all the contestants aware of the new player. So if you have decent information about the new player it will be a great idea to make him captain.

E.g.: If Bhuvneshwar Kumar proving expensive in the match and replaced by a player like K Ahmed so you can make him a captain or vice-captain. The reason is like Bhuvneshwar K Ahmed bowls in the death overs and the batsmen will go after him and there is a great chance of picking more wickets.

That’s all from us. Hope this info helps you.

Best Of luck..!!!

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